Alan Rusbridger: Guardian-Chef und Chef-Utopist

As for digital, I am with the utopians – fully aware that some see that as a term of abuse. To quote one blogger, the social web is not really about the end of what came before, but the starting point for what comes next: richer and more complex societies. I am sometimes giddy with the possibilities new technologies offer us for being better journalists: for reaching even larger audiences; for having more influence; for being embedded in the most astonishing network of information the world has ever seen or could ever have imagined.

As with the early 16th century, it’s our privilege, as a generation, not only to imagine the future of information, but to take the first steps on the road to recrafting the ways in which it is created and spread.

Und wieder dieser Rusbridger. Diesmal aber in Überlänge und mit einer netten Portion Pathos. Sehr lesenswert.

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