Zahlen und Aussichten zum digitalen Economist

Spätestens, seitdem Barack Obama im US-Wahlkampf AMA (Ask Me Anything) mit seiner virtuellen Anwesenheit geadelt und damit auch für Nichtgeek-Gesprächspartner interessant gemacht hat, gehört das das crowdsourced Interview-Format zu den spannendsten Gefässen im Netz. Aus journalistischer Perspektive scheint mir dieses hier mit Tom Standage, dem Digital Editor des Economist besonders erwähnenswert. Er gibt Einblicke in die Personalphilosophie, konkrete Abläufe und die politischen Hintergründe beim englischen Traditionsblatt. Ausserdem sagt er noch solche Dinge:

Our print circulation is over 1.5m but we think this is the top, and we expect it to decline. We keep saying that, but it doesnt. But it will. That said, we hope that the number of subscribers will continue to increase, as we sign up more digital-only subscribers. We currently have 150,000 digital-only subscribers, and we also have 600,000 people both subscribers and non-subscribers using our apps each week. The important thing for us is to deliver distinctive content that readers will pay for; whether its on paper or a screen, or in audio format, is not really the point. Our aim is to deliver our content in whatever form our readers want it; we are not wedded to print.On Newsweek, I think they tried everything last year to try to get people to buy their print edition, and it didnt work. So going all-digital makes sense. The bigger question for them, and for every publication including us, is whether what they produce is distinctive enough to get people to subscribe. If people can get essentially the same thing elsewhere for free, then youve got a problem.

Ein Klick lohnt sich..

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