Why the children of tomorrow are the NSA’s biggest nightmare

Der von mir hoch geschätzte Science-Fiction-Autor Charles Stross hat bei Foreign Affairs einen Aufsatz zum Thema Überwachungsstaat veröffentlicht. Darin liefert er eine schlüssige Erklärung für die aktuelle Häufung von Whistleblowern und weshalb das die Staatsgewalt über kurz oder lang in grosse Schwierigkeiten bringen könnte.

Generation Z will arrive brutalized and atomized by three generations of diminished expectations and dog-eat-dog economic liberalism. Most of them will be so deracinated that they identify with their peers and the global Internet culture more than their great-grandparents post-Westphalian nation-state. The machineries of the security state may well find them unemployable, their values too alien to assimilate into a model still rooted in the early 20th century. But if you turn the Internet into a panopticon prison and put everyone inside it, where else are you going to be able to recruit the jailers? And how do you ensure their loyalty?If I were in charge of long-term planning for human resources in any government department, Id be panicking. Even though its already too late.

via Spy Kids – By Charles Stross | Foreign Policy.

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