«What Was the Hipster?» fragt das New York Magazine

Die 80er hatten Punk, die 90er hatten Techno. Wird die Zeit seit dem Jahrtausendwechsel als Hipster-Jahrzehnt ins Jugendkultur-Lexikon eingehen? Gut möglich. Zumindest scheinen viele Autoren jetzt endgültig das Ende dieser Bewegung auszurufen. Ein besonders schöner Artikel dieser Art erschien vor kurzem im New York Magazine. Hier ist die Punchline daraus:

It has long been noticed that the majority of people who frequent any traditional bohemia are hangers-on. Somewhere, at the center, will be a very small number of hardworking writers, artists, or politicos, from whom the hangers-on draw their feelings of authenticity. Hipsterdom at its darkest, however, is something like bohemia without the revolutionary core. Among hipsters, the skills of hanging-on—trend-spotting, cool-hunting, plus handicraft skills—become the heroic practice. The most active participants sell something—customized brand-name jeans, airbrushed skateboards, the most special whiskey, the most retro sunglasses—and the more passive just buy it.

Of course, there are artists of hipster-related sensibility who remain artists. In the neighborhoods, though, there was a feeling throughout the last decade that the traditional arts were of little interest to hipsters because their consumer culture substituted a range of narcissistic handicrafts similar enough to sterilize the originals. One could say, exaggerating only slightly, that the hipster moment did not produce artists, but tattoo artists, who gained an entire generation’s arms, sternums, napes, ankles, and lower backs as their canvas. It did not produce photographers, but snapshot and party photographers: Last Night’s Party, Terry Richardson, the Cobra Snake. It did not produce painters, but graphic designers. It did not yield a great literature, but it made good use of fonts. And hipsterism did not make an avant-garde; it made communities of early adopters.

Erinnert im Übrigen ein bisschen an diesen Adbusters-Artikel aus dem Jahr 2008. So neu ist der Gedanke also nicht. Aber egal, ich hab mich herrlich amüsiert beim Lesen.

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