To Kindle or not to Kindle

I look at glowing backlit displays all day, every day. I’ve been obsessed with computers my whole life. I love glowing screens. When I’m away from my computer for days, I’m happy when I sit down in front of it. There’s a certain feeling I get when I use any computer — a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, my TiVo, even an ATM or the credit card slider at the supermarket. Cool, a computer.

I read books on my iPad, too, but reading on the iPad doesn’t have the same mental-mode-switching effect. When I read with the iPad I feel like I’m doing the same basic thing I do as I read on my Mac all day long — just with a different device. It’s more pleasant, in many ways, and definitely more personal. But I’m still in the same mental mode — fully aware that anything and everything is just a few taps and few seconds away.

E-ink feels peaceful to me. The Kindle doesn’t feel like a computer. It feels — not to the touch but to the eyes and mind — like a crudely-typeset and slightly smudgily-printed paper book. That’s a good thing. Battery life is un-computer-like as well: Amazon measures e-ink Kindle battery life in months, and they’re not joking. It’s a surprise when the Kindle actually needs a charge. I was a doubter until I owned one, but now I’m convinced that e-ink readers have tremendous value even in the post-iPad world.

via Daring Fireball: Amazon’s New Kindles.

Und deswegen, geschätzte Leserschaft, überlege ich mir schwer, einen Kindle Touch zu bestellen.


  • Do it. Ich kann das Zitierte Eins zu Eins unterschreiben. Auf dem Kindle lesen ist wie ein Buch lesen. Es macht Spass, obwohl ich zuerst auch meine Zweifel hatte.

  • Die hakelige Knöpfchen-Bedienung hat mich bisher davon abgehalten. Aber das hat sich ja nun erübrigt. Toll.

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