“The Human Algorithm” im journalistischen Einsatz

Es ist eine essentielle Frage beim Einsatz von Social Media in der journalistischen Arbeit: Wie verifiziert man solche naturgemäss schwer fassbaren Quellen? Mark Little von Storify hat dazu einen spannenden Post verfasst. Lesen!

Each circumstance, each story, is very different. But there are certain critical steps in the verification process for user generated video:

• Review of the uploader’s history and location to see whether he/she has shared useful and credible content in the past, or if he/she is a “scraper”, passing other people’s content off a their own (location is a big clue: don’t trust uploaders in Japan to post video from Syria).
• Use of Google street view/maps/satellite imagery to help verify the locations in a video.
• Consultation of other news sources or validated user content to confirm events in a video happened as they were described.
• Examination of key features in a video such as weather and background landscape to see if they match known facts on the ground.
• Translation of every word that comes with a video for additional context.
• Monitoring social media traffic to see who is sharing the content and what questions are being asked about it.
• Develop and maintain relationships with people within the community around the story.


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