«Open Journalism» – eine Definition von Alan Rusbridger

Alan Rusbridger, Chefredaktor des Guardian, betont seit Jahren, wie wichtig der Netzwerk-Gedanke für Journalismus im Internet-Zeitalter ist. An der Konferenz «Paidcontent live» war das nicht anders, wie im nachfolgenden Quote zu lesen ist:

“‘Open’ is a kind of catchword. It is journalism that wants a response. It is journalism that is itself responsive. It is journalism that doesn’t just sit on the web as though it has no connection with the web, that acknowledges that the web is the most extraordinary revolution in publishing where lots of people will be publishing extremely worthwhile and informative information. And so you can produce better things by not ignoring it or building a barrier between yourself and that but incorporating it and linking to it. It’s journalism where you can be a platform for people who know more about things than you are. It is journalism that is inclusive and wants other people to help you build the stories and challenge the stories. That’s what I mean by open journalism, think you can do a better job of describing the world by doing all that.”

via 'The Guardian': We're Not Planning on a Paywall.

Aber nicht nur Rusbridgers Gedanken sind sehenswert, die Konferenz glänzte durch eine Menge weiterer hochkarätiger Panel-Teilnehmer, darunter Vertreter von BuzzFeed, Zite oder Vox Media. Hier findet sich eine lange Liste entsprechender Videos.

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