Jonah Peretti zum modernen Mediennutzungsverhalten

Jonah Peretti gehörte zu den Mitbegründern der Huffington Post und ergründet aktuell mit sehr erfolgreich das Geheimnis von Viral Content. In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Atlantic-Kolumne Media Diet sagt er ein paar schlaue Dinge zum modernen Mediennutzungsverhalten, die von den «Qualitätsmedien» oft schmählich ignoriert werden:

Another aspect of modern media consumption is the mashing together of content. With Facebook and Twitter people are sharing all different types of media from humor to cute kittens to Internet memes to serious substantive reporting. BuzzFeed, as a publisher, brings all this together. The argument that cute animal posts dumb down your audience has never made sense to me. I like to think of a smart Frenchman at a cafe reading Le Monde and smoking a pipe. A lot of French cafes have dogs, so he pauses to pet the dog. When he’s petting the dog, he doesn’t get dumb and when he goes back to Le Monde, he doesn’t suddenly get smart. Humans are complex and there are all these different interests that don’t have to be perfectly resolved. You can like tabloid stuff and cute animal stuff and really smart substantive reporting. That’s not a contradiction. That’s just being human.

via Jonah Peretti: What I Read – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

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