It’s Carrier IQ’s World, We Just Live in It

We’re all awash in a sea of data, we have been for some time, but as we meet that data we learn that it is made of people. We’ve met the data tsunami and it is us. That’s bound to make a lot of people uncomfortable. If a future based on that data unfolds in the wrong way, it could end up a major hindrance to the quality of human life.

Identity data advocate Kaliya Hamlin warns of “participatory totalitarianism” – a future where freedom of choice and personal expression is squashed by a panopticon we build ourselves using our own technology. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. An alternative future can be built based on personal sovereignty and effective policies and standards. The choice is ours, but we need to look beyond the initial fear of being tracked. The Carrier IQ controversy is worth discussing far beyond the actions of this one company alone.

via It’s Carrier IQ’s World, We Just Live in It.

Hier entlang für eine gute Analyse der Aufregung um Carrier IQ bei ReadWriteWeb.

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