Der gerechte Zorn des David Simon (The Wire)

In einem langen Blogpost zum Tod von Trayvon Martin erklärt der grossartige David Simon, welche Botschaften er und sein Partner beim Drehbuchschreiben von “The Wire” im Hinterkopf hatten. Als Appetizer nur ein kleiner Auszug, in dem er kurz den Wandel des Journalisten-Berufs streift. Der ganze, sehr lesenswerte Artikel findet sich hier.

Who is going to focus real, prolonged attention on any of the big, dry, disturbing stuff when every day, we can play with the farts and foibles of celebrity and near-celebrity.  The last twenty years has seen a great divestment in journalists who once covered issues – well-trained and committed men and women who might have, say, spent careers charting trends in criminal law and their effect, or who might be writing critical pieces about the rates of incarceration and what they’ve done to urban America.  The bodies that once did such things – or at least harbored ambitions in that direction — now don’t see the actual street.  Instead, they go to cubicles and snatch pieces of celebrity froth and mock outrage off one website, add a fresh witticism and repost.  Then they fire off another 140 characters or so alerting you to the fact that they’ve reposted.   There’s a real future in that, apparently.  Some even call it journalism.


David Simon | I meant this, not that. But yeah, I meant it..

Mehr zornige Worte von David Simon? Look no further:

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