How Facebook Plans to Take Over the Web

Facebook’s combination of audacity and ability is admirable and at the same time, a little scary. To those who view it as the 21st century version of the online ghetto called AOL, you’re underestimating this gang. If Mark Zuckerberg and his troops execute on their plan, the web is going to be a lot different. I believe that Facebook will rival Google’s current domination of the search and online advertising business. These guys are ruthless, unrelenting and singleminded in their quest for success.

morgen startet die f8-entwicklerkonferenz von facebook. tech-brain om malik beschreibt in diesem artikel, mit welchen vier dort vorgestellten tools/ideen facebook endlich google vom thron stossen möchte. wenn zuckerbergs plan aufgeht, so malik, könnte das sogar klappen…

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