Facebook Open Graph: Jeder muss für sich entscheiden

1. Quoting previous commenters “someone has to do it” which means someone has to own it. Whether it’s Facebook, or Google, or a non-profit, “someone” will have to facilitate the connections. Trust of course will be the key factor determining whether or not that owner gets significant participation. Right now, like it or not, Facebook has the trust of the biggest number. Perhaps not the trust of developers, designers, and tech wonks of the world, who think about privacy, ownership of data from and idealist perspective. But for the rest of the 400mm plus users? Let’s be honest, they don’t know, don’t care, just give them their Farmville and mafia wars and stop talking like the peanuts teacher about high minded jibber jabber. Not perfect? Not ideal? Doesn’t fit your expectations of how the world “should” be? Sorry, “should” is a myth. Which brings me to the second side of this imho.

2. Personal choice. Don’t participate if you don’t like it. Simple as that. That’s what Dave Winer is choosing to do, bully for him. Reading some of the reactions to this you’d think that Facebook has just kidnapped our brains and ability to choose. It hasn’t, it also hasn’t stolen our identity and trapped it in dungeon. They do allow you to opt out of this stuff, in part, or in whole. So it seems the problem is that people don’t like the default setting being what it is. MZ et al are making business decisions. That’s what businesses do. Again, whether you like it or not, they’ve got a significant user base, more than that they have a significant group of corporations giddy about the potential for their own businesses.

I’m not opposed to idealism, even cranky idealism, let’s just not forget caveat emptor and free market forces. If this is all “evil” then it won’t last. Oh yeah, and if you think it’s evil, don’t participate.

es lohnt sich eben doch, in den kommentaren spannender artikel herumzustöbern: bei buzzmachine, dem blog von internet-revoluzzer jeff jarvis, hab ich folgenden einwurf zur ganzen diskussion um die anhäufung von userdaten bei facebook gelesen. macht sehr sinn, was dieser mann hier sagt. imho.

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